Home Buying

Pathway to Home Buying

  1. Consultation - To understand your unique circumstances and preferences, Lamplight Realty Group wants to hear what your dreams are for your next home, your timeline, and your particular circumstances.

  1. Financing - Cash or home loan? If you're in need of a home loan, you've got options! Lamplight Realty Group has a list of lenders that have been recommended to us from past clients. Regardless of whether you pursue our recommendations or your preferred lender, we encourage our clients to interview and get quotes from at least three different lenders. Once you receive a pre-approval letter, we hone your search parameters to be thoroughly prepared to make an offer.

  1. Searching - Combining your parameters for your dream home with your pre-approved amount from your lender, Lamplight Realty Group sets up a search to send you suggested properties. In addition to public listings, Lamplight Realty Group networks with other agents to research any properties that are coming soon - pocket listings or privately listed - that might fit your parameters.

  1. Showings - Lamplight Realty Group is eager to open doors and research properties that you have interest in.

  1. Offer - Once you find a home that you love, Lamplight Realty Group will provide a comparative market analysis for your dream home to confirm a fair price of the home. We will walk with you through a contract and discuss terms and options to compose a competitive offer.

  1. Escrow & Inspections - Once your offer is accepted, we encourage all clients to hire inspectors to assess the home to determine if you want to continue to pursue the deal. Together we can discuss what terms to negotiate. Lamplight Realty Group gladly and assertively negotiates your preferred terms with the listing agent.

  1. Funding & Title Search - While the lender underwrites and appraises the home for funding, the title company researches the deed history and current property status.

  1. Closing - The culmination of everyone's hard work: the day that all parties sign and funds are exchanged. Then the keys to your dream home are in your hands!

Peek at the Market

If you'd like to see what's currently on the market, feel free to tap into the multiple listing sites to browse and create your own search.