Home Building

Want to Build Your Dream Home?

Choose a Type of Home

  1. Inventory Homes - Homes that are near the end of construction, but may have a few additional design choices to be made

  2. Tract Homes - Homes that are within a master-planned subdivision. Choose your lot. Select a builder within the subdivision.

  3. Custom Homes - Choose your lot and your builder. Experience fully the entire home building process from start to finish.

Choose a Builder

The factors that are most important to you may determine the selection of builders. For example, if you want a particular subdivision, the specified builders for that subdivision may be limited to a handful of options. If you want land in the hill country, then builders and contractors with experience of the hill country terrain and utilities may be more advantageous. Ideally, since home building can be a lengthy process, you want a builder with which you have a great rapport and excellent communication. Lamplight Realty Group can introduce you to builders and share clients' past experience with each builder.

Choose Representation

Builders and sales agents represent themselves. Ultimately, they have their own interests in mind. It behooves you, as the buyer, to choose a representative to walk through the process with you. When bumps in the road arise, Lamplight Realty Group can offer options for how to handle the builder or sales agent, including hiring outside experts to assess segments of the build project to give you peace of mind that construction is completed correctly.